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      By combining an appreciation for people and formal aesthetics, I produce designed environmental and candid photographs of people in Minneapolis and around Monroe County, Wisconsin.

My trade, my art, and my persona are all based around photography, people, and creating. As a photographer, I focus on environmental portraiture, fine art photography, formally designed photos, portrait series, and all types of portraiture. I have a BFA in Photography, and have a wide range of media, design, teaching, photo editing/retouching and client experience. I've done photo retouching and design layout for other photographers/clients for almost 5 years.

One of my goals is to continually cultivate my skills with variety. So far it has been through several years of professional experience in various opportunities, multiple photography exhibitions, a range of clients and projects, and not limiting the types of art, mediums, and abilities I want to practice.

I approach my work in a way that allows me to show my great fondness of people and as a result, a positive and honest portrayal of you will be created, no matter what the project may be.

Photo by Hanna Voxland

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